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Fearing her own displacement, Anna torments her stepbrother's new fiancée.


Anna hates Beth, if for no other reason than because she's marrying her stepbrother Matt. The new couple is on the eve of relocating from San Francisco to New York City, leaving Anna to fend for herself. Despite her escalating protest, Anna is forced to accompany Matt and Beth on a shopping spree to a hip boutique-clothing store. Their sour shopping day soon turns rotten, when Anna secretly confesses to Beth that her stepbrother sexually molested her when she was a child.

Beth struggles to figure out whom to trust as the seeds of doubt take on damaging effects. Inspired by the raw comedic naturalness of Eric Rohmer and Maurice Pialat, Stepsister is a portrait of a makeshift family that struggles for its unification, all the while burdened by misplaced desires and sexual jealousy.



Comedian Brent Weinbach has appeared on Conan, Lopez Tonight, Comedy Central, HBO, and toured with the Comedians of Comedy. He is also a recipient of the Andy Kaufman award for innovation in stand-up comedy.


Beth Lisick is the author of four books, including the New York Times bestselling comic memoir Everybody Into the Pool. Her film credits include the female lead in Frazer Bradshaw's FIPRESCI award winning feature Everything Strange and New and Britta Sjogren's upcoming Beyond Redemption. She will release two new books in 2013.


Anna Seregina is a San Francisco-based stand-up comic and performer. She was born in Moscow, Russia, which could explain her deep-rooted cynicism. It could also explain nothing. She has performed in SF Sketchfest, the Bruise Cruise Festival, and the San Francisco Comedy Day Festival.

JOEY IZZO writer/director

Joey Izzo is a Bay Area native working in a variety of cinematic disciplines. Joey's work has ventured into the depths of experimental cinema, culminating in an ambitious film collaboration with esteemed avant-garde composer John Zorn. It premiered at The New York Film Festival in 2011 and was commercially released by Tzadik Recordings in 2012. Since then, Joey has widened his scope to include an eclectic mix of narratives ranging from morbid occult melodrama to wry-humored naturalism. Joey Izzo earned his MFA in film production from San Francisco State University in 2012. He was awarded a Murphy & Cadogan Fellowship Tuition Grant from the SF Foundation for his first year film, Chuck's Chicken.


Barret is an independent producer focused on serving the new generation of 21st century's filmmakers. With the traditional model broken, he is at the vanguard of creating new material that tests the boundaries of cinema through unconventional techniques and exhibition. As a teenager he started his career as a production assistant & was quickly promoted up the ranks. During his senior year at San Francisco State, Barret produced the award winning indie feature Falling Uphill, which acquired distribution from Cinema Epoch. In addition to his narrative work, he has produced spots for Google, Gap, Vice and many more. Barret currently spends his time between Los Angeles & San Francisco.

SIMRON GILL co-producer

Simron is a photographer, filmmaker, and recent law school graduate. Her interest in film was developed through both her love of photography and a deep-seeded belief in the power of storytelling to highlight and inform social justice issues. She has worked as the Development Director and Associate Producer for the documentary Life After Life(in post-production) and has gone on to write and direct her first short film, Beg (in festival submissions).

JESSE DANA cinematographer

Jesse Dana is a three-time Emmy winning cinematographer with a decade of experience shooting in environments ranging from large sound stages to San Quentin Prison. He has been a full-time freelance cinematographer since earning a BA in Cinema Studies from San Francisco State University in 2005. He has lensed four more narrative features and is co-producing and shooting a feature documentary about the transition home after a life sentence in prison called Life After Life. Jesse has been behind the lens on over 30 regional, national, and web based commercials as well as 40+ music videos. His music video work has been featured on MTV, Fuse, BET, World Star Hip Hop, and Pitchfork to name a few. His narrative work has appeared in festivals nationally and internationally including Cannes.




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